break up with your book (if ur bored)

Before you read any further — I want to preface all of this by saying that this blog post is not a call to abandon reading books.

Books are wonderful. Books have been some of my dearest friends for as long as I can remember, but take it from me- they’re not all meant for you.

Just like people, we won’t mesh well with every single book that we pick up. Sometimes the characters rub us the wrong way, the story doesn’t quite hit the spot like we need it to, and we have to do the hard thing. End it.


I come to you as a reformed serial book finisher. YES, y’all. I, Micah Daniel Gause, lived a life that involved picking up a book and reading it cover to cover NO MATTER WHAT. I left no spine unbroken. And I don’t read two books at once, so if I didn’t like a book…oh well. I had to suffer in the name of literature. *this is so dramatic I’M SORRY* But I can’t let y’all live a life reading books that you’re feeling lukewarm (or even ice cold!!!) about. So, if you are on team “finish no matter what” GET OFF. It’s for your own good.

I saw the light after reading a book that I thought was SO BAD (aka so NOT for me- I won’t name it because I’m sure someone liked it) that I literally couldn’t make myself read it. I rolled my eyes with every turn of the page. I took that baby BACK to the store, and felt so bad about it. And maybe I’m being a little ridiculous, but there’s got to be someone else who, like me, always felt this pressure to finish every book that they start. There is a super simple process to this:

Choose joy.

Find a new book.

Just like that. You’re on the path to a happy literary life.

Let me know if you’ve ever broken up with a book before! How did it feel?

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